About us

We Have Perspective

We bring multiple perspectives and styles, which is hard to achieve through any one person. We have experience in a variety of capacities and roles. We will bring new vibrancy to the leadership of your association.

We Bring Efficiency

Our business infrastructure is tested, efficient and effective. There is no risk of undermining your association’s strengths today as the organization pursues future opportunities.

We Begin With Relationships

We have tremendous respect for what your association and staff have built. We embrace and build upon this strong foundation. Our involvement builds on existing relationships with your members, associates, and prospective members.

We Have Unmatched Experience

Our experience, collectively, ranges from Board-level CEO responsibilities to on-the-ground technical and operational pool management; we have “walked a mile” in your shoes, and your members’ shoes, and even in your members’ members’ shoes!

We Offer Flexibility

One of the greatest advantages of our company is that we can bring more or less resource if and as needed, as your association grows and changes. All of the business risk associated with staffing, turnover, budget management, and succession planning, is assumed by NEAMI.